Countries without diplomats

Are you a veterinarian specialised in animal reproduction wanting to register as an ECAR resident but do not have diplomats to serve as supervisors in your country?

For a limited time of 5 years, qualified non-diplomates can be accepted as temporary resident supervisors. This period of 5 years can be extended upon request of the temporary supervisor subject to approval of the board. Temporary supervisors are veterinarians that have significantly contributed as scientists and clinicians to animal reproduction, fulfilling the following criteria:
• qualified to practice veterinary medicine in a European country or equivalent to these; interested parties with an equivalent should apply to the board for a waiver of this requirement.
• having worked in the discipline of animal reproduction for at least 10 years with devoting at least 60% of his/her time to this specialty
• having contributed significantly to the advancement of the discipline of animal reproduction as proven by a minimum of 7 publications in peer-reviewed journals with an Science Citation Index impact factor of at least 0.7. Publications have to be published after Dec 31, 2000

Training programmes are to be conducted at a veterinary school or other institution or private veterinary clinic with adequate space, facilities and caseload which has to be approved by the Board of the College . For more details, please contact an ECAR board member.