Application for ECAR residency

The documentation of clinical cases and other activities associated with your professional training for the past year(s) is required. Such documentation is requested by ECAR and will be reviewed by the Education and Residency Committee (ERC).

In case of deficiencies, the ERC will come up with suggestions how training might be improved in order to enable you to take the ECAR examination at the expected time.

Your documentation should include the following information:

1. Application letter, which shortly describes the clinical activities of the applicant, the institute(s) involved, supervisor(s) and type of residence.

2. A diary (CV) of other professional activities listing…

  • Attendance of conferences and continuing education meetings
  • Attendance of external courses (i.e. not at your home institution)
  • Presentations you have given (both as a lectures or posters)
  • Attendance of in-house seminars or courses at your home institution
  • List of scientific or professional publications (either published or in press)
  • Participation in the teaching of students (if applicable)
  • Any additional information you may consider relevant

3. A letter from your supervisor

This letter should shortly describe the environment regarding the residence and arrangement of the supervision. The letter should also confirm that the application submitted by the resident, including the schedule, is realistic and acheivable.

4. In case of alternative residencies (i.e. with an external supervisor) a list of meetings between yourself and your external supervisor.

Your documentation should be sent  to the chairman of the Education and Residency Committee (ERC) at the following address: