Changes in case log evaluation starting in 2020:

Increased involvement of the supervisor in the case log evaluation:

  • The resident supervisor comments on the case logs in the first years and state which areas are covered well already and which ones will be (and how) in the following months of the residency in an annual
  • This means the supervisor has more responsibility for the progress of the resident and the
  • completeness of the case log evaluation and has to state (or not) that the number of cases seen during the year is sufficient to reach the goals described by the ECAR credential committee in reasonable time.
  • The supervisor should also discuss the residency progress and seen cases directly with the
  • Thereafter, the resident can seek cases she or he needs to see without time elapse.


  • This means that the ERC does not need to check all case logs again but only the annual report and the comments of the supervisor.


  • Evaluation guidelines for the supervisor can be found here.